24 Opportunities for 9 Types of People

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Uncategorized
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24 Opportunities for 9 Types of People

1. For Outdoors-y People:
Volunteer work does not have to be a chore for you—it’s a chance to smell the trees, plants, and possibly the sweet stench of fertilizer. Volunteer opportunities can take you to national parks, urban farms, and anywhere in between. Check out a few of these:


2. For Young People:
Work experience and skills are more than just a priority for you nowadays–they’re  a necessity. Lucky for you, volunteer work can provide work experience and even a chance at leadership and management. Volunteer organizations love young people because they are eager, energetic, and often have more time to devote. As a result, there is a plethora of teen/young adult-centered volunteer programs (even internships) open, although you are likely to be successful in more adult-centered organizations. Also lucky for you, you can do much of your work during the summer, granting you incredible flexibility and opportunity to advance. Here are a few opportunities:


3. For the Nurturing:
Are you people-centered? Do you want to watch those you help develop and succeed? For those looking for the one-on-one experience (or enthralled with education), why not mentor or teach? You’re more likely to see your life-changing effects by becoming a role model, guiding youth into adulthood, or teaching reading skills. Feel good fulfilling huge educational needs for children, teens, and adults:


4. For Sports-fanatics:
Looking for a great seat or a chance to be close to your favorite team? Volunteer work can take you there. Sports events often require hoards of volunteers to run smoothly, which usually gets you free tickets, and other cool perks. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard to find these opportunities, but luckily, those looking to teach and do sports have opportunities to mentor students:


5. For the Creative:
Work can leave you feeling creatively unfulfilled. Some of us feel the urge, the creative pull– to make something! Build Something! Volunteer! The tighter school budgets become, the greater need for non-profit art programs becomes. Help with an art museum, volunteer as a blogger, or if you are interested in more practical building skills, why not volunteer in an organization that teaches you carpentry skills building houses?


6. Long Term:
Mostly for young adults, these programs last for several months to a year. They often grant stipends, or offer prestigious work experience—perfect for those looking to take a gap year after high school or college.


7. For the Activists
The presidential election is nearing, and you live in a swing state! Now is the perfect time to pick a side and go with it (and by go with it, I mean volunteer). Political campaigns often give you chances to quickly move up the ranks, giving young (and mature) adults leadership opportunities.


8. For the Medically-minded:
The baby-boomers are aging, leaving the US with a great demand for healthcare workers. If you are looking to break in to this segment, you can get your start in a hospital eager for volunteers. This also gives you the chance to gain that extra fuzzy feeling caused by working one-on-one.


9. For the Global Citizens:
Volunteering is the easiest way to get involved with the international community. It’s also one of the easiest ways to learn about a different culture. How? Get involved with a youth exchange program, or even host an exchange student. Because the US is one of the most popular exchange year destinations, most programs are facing a shortage of host families:



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