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What an informative article! If you are interested in promoting literacy in Detroit, why not volunteer with a literacy organization?


ImageWhen I was a toddler, the most exciting part of the day was my grandmother reading my favorite stories to me. I sat in her lap, my head pressed against her chest, listening to the words vibrate in her chest as she recited them. It was a ritual. I would pick up one of my favorites, usually either “And to Think I Saw It on Mulberry Street” or “Are You My Mother?”. I would hold the book up to her and ask her to read it. My grandmother would do a fake eye roll and a sigh to suggest she’s had enough of Marco’s and the hatchling’s adventures. I would return her gesture with a laugh and hop on up into her lap and listen to her animated storytelling. These intimate moments sparked a deep love of reading for me and gave me a head start on developing the skill…

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